As human beings, we’re intertwined with nature and the ecosystem. We have been using and over abusing natural resources for our selfish needs. But none of human’s endeavour is worth an animal's life. If you care about animals and clean living, you might have noticed the term “cruelty-free” being thrown around in excess. Companies oftentimes print this phrase on their packaging, and skincare & beauty bloggers mention it often. But what does “cruelty-free” really mean? 

In short, “cruelty-free” simply means that a product and its ingredients weren’t tested on animals, neither they nor their ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for their ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world and won’t do so in the future either. 

Why make that switch to Cruelty-Free products? 

For starters, let’s understand the depth of the problem. Animal testing isn’t okay, and as a safety protocol, it would never be deemed okay. Animal testing has been banned in several countries across the globe, simply because of how damaging it is. Unlike the word ‘vegan’, which means the product or food item does not contain any animal-derived ingredient, cruelty-free simply explores the animal testing aspect of any company and its manufacturing practices. 

If you are yet to take the leap to safe beauty, this article is your ultimate dummy guide. Apart from the ethical reasons around the issue, if you don’t really understand the positives of hitching to cruelty-free products, here’s a list of five great reasons to think about. 

Cruelty-Free Products Are Way Safer 

We hope you are reading the ingredients when you buy a product, mainstream skincare products almost always contain toxic chemicals, parabens, fragrances, and hormone disruptors. These harsh ingredients cause a plethora of health issues for your body, and of course, they’re tested first on animals. Cruelty-free products tend to often be non-toxic, plant-based, or all-natural, containing ingredients that are much safer and work wonders for the skin. 

To Show Your Solidarity With It, Animal Testing Is NOT Necessary  

There are multiple safe alternatives for gauging product safety. So why do companies test on animals? Well, they need to meet safety standards, and animal testing is the easiest option available for them, most companies prefer to do so. Animal testing practices can be inhumane and cruel, and so, any company opting to go down that route to produce skincare and earn large-scale profits, is a company to question ethically. 

Animal Testing Is Cruel 

You do not want to get into the terrible details but let us just say that the animals are treated severely when being tested upon. Often made to live in suffocating & inhumane conditions or stored in small cages. They are also subjected to extreme and cruel tests. All this agony for a skincare product on your shelf? That's a lot of suffering to gamble on.

Cruelty-free Living Helps Make The Planet Grow Better 

Ditch the toxic beauty products, they’re tested on animals before being manufactured in bulk. Opt for cruelty-free labels that are vegan, plant-based, or simply eco-friendly. Being a transparent, clean label, using non-toxic ingredients, and being honest in our treatment of our wildlife, and our ecosystems is the least a brand can do if they really care for a positive change. 


How Do You Determine Whether A Company Is Truly Cruelty-Free? 

Simple. Look for certifications! 

 Safe, non-taxic & cruelty free

It’s a simple change of practice, and it goes a long way in supporting the cause. Make conscious choices when it comes to buying products you use. Read the ingredient labels and know what exactly goes onto your skin with each product you use. Moreover, by supporting brands that do not test on animals, you will encourage more companies that are taking the time and effort to save the planet.

The Hottest Ex range contains no animal-derived ingredients, no toxic chemicals, or artificial ingredients. None of our products are tested on animals, and we take immense pride in being a safe, non-toxic label because we believe every woman deserves a go at her no-nonsense journey!

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