What is it exactly that one looks for after being dropped like a hot cake? Coax them into taking you back? You might fantasize about calling him and explaining why he’s such a jerk, but you’re really only hurting yourself.  No, we are anything but about that. At Hottest Ex we are all about pushing you to become the best versions they’ve ever had, we are committed to give you that post break up glow. How so? You ask. Being the hottest ex is certainly not an easy task but with our expertly-formulated skincare range has your back in these grim times.

Now is not the time to dwell into self pity, yes, we get it, those eyes are oh so puffed up from all the crying over your break-up playlist before or those fine lines from stressing over all the what if’s and what could have’s, but girl, we assure you, those are just as temporary as his empty promises thanks to us! Our exclusive range of masks, exfoliants and mists are here for you to buckle up into a boss babe that he could never imagine getting back, but that’s not your problem anymore. You always knew you deserve better and we at the Hottest Ex are willing to bring you just that, better and even long lasting for that matter. Now that you’re over it, there’s no need to look back and sulk on your past mistakes, it’s time for you to grow into a new skin. Let’s not forget you’ve always been a beautiful woman inside out, hence it is about time to reclaim your power, step up your game and set off to become the woman you’ve always dreamt of, and of course we are going to be right by you to shine through it all.